Tinker AFB 90s! Repost

I am re-posting this Tinker AFB since I had my pic rescan and redo some of my process so the pic looks a little better from the scanner. Still a tedious process but due to the bad lighting the pic did not come out as good as the filmed picture.

Tinker AFB situated in Midwest City , OK …. One of my 1st Aviation spotting site . The housed the famous AWACS or E-3 . Also they use to base an Air Force Reserve  Squadron Tailcode SH ( Shit hot). They were flying F-105D back in the 81 than upgraded to the F-4D and finally the F-16 before all the unit was deactivated. Nowadays we see Tinker AFB as a ALC ( Air Logistic Center) and also refurbishing B52 and B1. They also house the Navy E-6B Mercury.

These photos were shot in film and I still do not have a good way to scan them digitally. Maybe down the road I will have perfected the art of scanning.  Back in the early 90s we got quite a good selection of aircraft type as you can see from the pictures.

Enjoy the good old days of F-111F, A6E, F-4D, A7D….. now that’s what I call an airshow…