Tulsa Vipers and Salty Dogs in KEFD

We would like to end 2015 posting with Bill’s special catch for this year. Looking forward for a good year ahead for 2016.

Tulsa Vipers and Salty Dogs……

EF 12-29-2015 (4)


It had been two months since my last aircraft spotting outing and I was beginning to think that is how 2015 will end…….in a dry spell.  And then out of nowhere a good friend gave me a heads up that a VX-23 jet was coming in. Wow…I couldn’t believe it.  Finally, some action. And, a very rare visitor at that.  Upon arrival I set up on the east side of RWY 35L.  Shortly thereafter a fellow spotter and friend Jim showed up. As we chatted a pair of F-16Cs from the 138FW, Oklahoma (Tulsa) Air National Guard flew in formation down the runway before breaking off for each to make a low level pass, retract their gear and form up for a tandem landing. Both were returning from an alert mission they had performed earlier in the morning. About a half hour later the VX-23 jet made a straight in approach. Once it touched down I drove over to get a few ramp shots before leaving.

With this visit 2015 ended on a good note.  Here’s to hoping 2016 will be even better.

Note: A couple of the guys who were working on the ramp told me that the VX-23 jet was one of the first few Super E Hornets made and that it did not have any hard-points as its primary mission is to fly as a chase plane for the JSF.

Tulsa Alert jets

VX-23 Salty Dog F-18E

Article and Pictures from Bill Havel