Tulsa Vipers at Ellington Field 1-26-2014

Photos and text by Bill Havel:

As previously stated on my Ellington blog dated 1-26-2014, I had the opportunity to photograph 5 of the F-16C block 42s assigned to the 138 FW, 125 FS, nicknamed the “Tulsa Vipers” who are assigned to the OK Air National Guard.  Besides protecting OK, they also fly the alert mission out of Ellington maintaining several aircraft 24/7 in the event they are dispatched / scrambled for an intercept.  What I particularly liked about this visit was having the opportunity to photograph the pilots in their cockpits.  As much as I love seeing the machines I also like to see (and photograph) those who fly and maintain them.

This visit is dedicated to the men and women of the 138 FW.

EF Tulsa Vipers 1-26-2014

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