USS Hornet CV-12 Alameda CA







USS Hornet CVS-12 takes after the WW2 USS Hornet CV-8 when she was sunk in 1942. She is the 8th ship that bear the name. CVS-12 is an Essex Class commission in 1943 and serve gallantly through world war two , Korean, Apollo projects and decommission in 1970.

A) In a typical WW2 Airwing onboard CV-12 USS hornet consists of:

1x VF Squadron Fighters of 36x F-6F Hellcat

1 VB Dive bomber Squadron of 36x SBD Dauntless

1x VT Torpedo Squadron of 18 TBM Avenger.

B) On the Modern 1960s USS Hornet Airwing  consists of:

2x VF Fighter Squadron of 24-28 F-8 Crusader

3x VA Fighterbomber Squadron of 36 A-4 Skyhawk

1x VAH ( Heavy Bomber ) of 10-12 A3 Skywarrior

Additional Units 1x VAW AD-5  and 1x VFP Light Recon Photo RF-8


CVS-12 is currently anchored in Alameda , CA and fully restored to be a floating Museum.  The Carrier is very well maintained and houses several US Navy aircraft. Some have been use on the carrier and some like the F-14A Tomcat , S-3B Viking  was never deployed on the carrier since these aircraft was use on the newer carriers like the Forrestal, Kittyhawk and Nimitz class.

Current Aircraft Exhibit on board USS Hornet CVS-12

F-14A Tomcat from VF-101 Grim Reaper

F-8 Crusader from VF-154 Black Knights

The Insides of Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet

S-3B Viking

Other Aircraft on board