Uvar Hazy Smithsonian Air Space Musuem


Visited the Uvar Hazy Air space Museum in Dulles Airport VA with my Family. The visit started at early Afternoon and all I can say is this is a world class air museum. Started with the World war 1 categories with various Sopwith , Fokker and others. We proceeded towards the center with the sight of Enola Gay  B-29 and other supporting World War 2 fighters both Axis and Allied. Here are some of the spotted aircraft like the Japanese Shinden Kai, Nick Sieran and Gecko. American WW2 fighters like the P-38, P-47, P-61 and British Hurricane and Lysander. The middle of the museum spot a Half restored HE-219 Uhu, an Arado 234 ,DO335 and Fw-190.

from the top we could see the actual restoration facility.. as in the pic below you can see a Catalina is being restored as we speak …. proceeding to the Space and exploration Hall, the final site of the Space Shuttle Discovery and bunch of launch vehicle and missile systems. I was totally impress looking at the Standard SM3 and Patriot Missile.

what caught my eye next was the jet era aircraft…. spotting a beautifully immaculate F-14D with VF-31 markings. ( Gish I miss those F-14)  F-8, F-4S, F-105D, F-100, SA-2 missile, MIG21, MIG-15, F-86, T33, made me speechless.  I was honored to have met author of “top Gun days” Dave Baranek (callsign “Bio”) He strike a great conversation about Naval Aviation and Carrier ops in the 1980s. was great memories to share the interesting “cold war ” era naval aviation.

Will be posting more pictures of this great Facility below.

PS> ( U can click on each picture to get a full size view )