VF-1 Wolf Packs

Patch-A-634The Mighty VF-1 establishes the Symbol of all F-14 Tomcat to come. VF-1 ‘s callsign Wichita and have tail code NE. The Red Wolf on the tail and the colorful Red Wolf in the front end… This image of the 1st F-14A squadron on board USS Enterprise with her sister squadron ” Bounty Hunters” VF-2 in 1974.  Tomcats was actually use in the fall of Saigon in 1975 when both VF-1 and VF2 was use as CAP for the evacuation. I could only imagine F-14A fighting North Vietnamese MIG-21 at that time.

1976 calls for an experimental camo scheme for the F14 known as the Ferris scheme. Unfortunately the scheme did not catch on and the Navy went with a single color grey scheme in the 80s and also toning down the colors. We start seeing F14 in the grey instead of the colorful schemes. VF-1 cruise with CV-61 USS Ranger in September 1980 along with VF-2. VF-1 was switch to USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 for a few years and in 1986 return to CV-61. I was privileged to visit USS Ranger when she port in Singapore back in 1987 and get to see VF-1 and VF2 in the transitional 80s Markings. VF-1 serve proudly with CV-61 in the 1st Gulf war and achieve the only air to air kill on the F-14 for the entire campaign. Unfortunately , CV-61 retires in 1993 and VF-1 was put on shore in Miramar NAS. VF-1 did serve very shortly on Adversary role but the squadron was disestablished in 1993 Oct when Navy decided to cut 1 active F14 Squadron per Carrier Air wing.

Here are compilation of VF-1 Photos I took and some photographer “unknown” I would like to thank those that take their time to photograph this mighty squadron