VFA-101 Grim Reapers F-35C














F-35C Lightning II base in Eglin AFB visited NAS Fallon on Sept. 3. for a 12-day  Excercise.  VFA-101 detachment wil be  focusing on the integration of F-35C with the Fallon Range Training Complex.  This visit will also allow coordination among VFA-101 and the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center to refine tactics, techniques and procedures of F-35C as it prepares to join the carrier air wing.


We caught 2 flights of 2x F-35C flying into KNFW from Eglin AFB enroute to NAS Fallon on 9-11-2015. They stayed in Ft worth for about 2 hr and was back in the air heading Northwest.











Here are some of the Video actions of “Gunfighters” taking off runway 36 in the afternoon.