VFA-143 Pukin Dogs and VMFA-112 Hornets

3/25/2017 kAFW Ft worth Alliance Airport, TX







A typical Spring Sat whereby Ft worth Alliance Airport ( AFW ) gets her typical weekend traffic. We saw quite a bit of Navy transient traffic came by AFW on Friday with at least 8 F-18E/F mixed from VFA-41 Black Aces and VFA143 Pukin Dogs. VFA-143 is based at NAS Oceana, VA . This morning we were fortunate to have a VFA-143 Pukin Dogs F-18E still on the tarmac. Also we see 3x F-18A++ from VMFA112 “Cowboys” including the colorbird.

Right at about 1000hrs, we start to see some actions on the tarmac. Canopy was up on the “Dogs” Superhornet F-18E…We got the entire engine up sequence followed by a take off from runway 34R. This Aircraft was piloted by LCDR Kyle Jones radio callsign “Taproom.”

We also get to see 8x T38C Talon trainers from Vance AFB and Sheppard AFB. 2x T6 Texan II and 2x T1 Jayhawks.

Article by Dave Chng