SUNLINERS1-1 SUNLINERS1-2 SUNLINERS1-3 VFA-81  is Boeing F/A18E Super Hornet Squadron Based at Naval Air Station Oceana, in Virginia Beach, VA. They are currently based on the USS CARL VINSON which is a west coast based aircraft carrier.  SUNLINERS use Colorado Springs as a refueling stop on occasion.



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    1. I was in (then) VA-81 in the late 60’s/early 70’s. We were attached to CVW-17 then and the squadron has continued to be attached to CVW-17 for the most part. I think it is more a matter that CVW-17 is deploying aboard 3rd fleet carriers of late and coincidentally VFA-81 is based at NAS Oceana. I do notice the aircraft are marked with “NA” instead of “AA” now so maybe a move to NAS Lemoore is in the works. Honestly I don’t think it matters much. Even 40 years ago we had to go to Arizona and California for live ordnance evolutions and VA-174 had a permanent detachment at MCAS Yuma. (We were at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville, FL then.)

  1. As far as i know they are still based on the east coast Dave. I think that the navy just uses the transit time from coast to coast as training hours.