VFC-12 Fighting Omars 2014


US Navy Adversary Squadrons or Aggressors as we known have drawn a lot of attention to Aviation enthusiast, photographers and Aviation modellers due to their distinct and unusual camoflage schemes that a lot of time are colorful over the regular grey color camo of most military jets.

VFC-12 ( Fighting Omars ) call sign Ambush is base in NAS Oceana VA. They are part of the Naval reserve Air Wing 20 which her sister Squadron VFC-13 is base in NAS Fallon. Both does Adversary role whereby the Omars uses the F-18A+ and F-18C to simulate Eastern Bloc MIG29, SU27 aircraft types while the VFC13 Saints predominately flies the F-5n which simulates the MIG-21.


In 1994, VFC-12 replaced its A-4s with the F/A-18 Hornet. The F/A-18s are distinctly painted and modified to enhance its role as a realistic threat simulator.  They went from the blue and Grey camo birds to the current Splinter as you can see in the pictures below.  In 2004 VFC-12 received most of its current F/A-18A+ aircraft from VFA-203 Blue Dolphins which was decommissioned at NAS Atlanta, Georgia. The F/A-18A+ designations is used for F/A-18A Hornets featuring upgraded mission avionics compatible with the F/A-18C variants.

Here are some of the earlier circa 2008/2010 era of the Omars Jets. Air-crafts are mixed of F-18C and F-18A having a 3 tone grey camo and the distinct multi tone Blue Camouflage.  I was fortunate to have caught them in NAS Ft worth where they appear several times in the Airshow.

This is a tribute to the men and women serving in VFC-12 Fighting Omars.

This is the latest Iteration caught in 2013/2014 era whereby the Omars have transform into the white and grey Splinter Camouflage similar to the Russian 4th and 5th Generation fighters. I caught the Omars in NAS Fallon when I made a visit to the base in 2013 and a good buddy of mine caught the Omars 04 in NAS Ft worth


VFC-12 with Jet Noise taken in NAS FAllon


The latest Splinter Fighting Omars Walkarounds.

jrb 2014 hornets

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