VFC-13 “Saints” visiting Ellington Field

Ellington Field: March 15, 2020

Whenever word gets out that an adversary / agggressor jet is on the ramp word spreads quickly to us spotters.  This past weekend was no exception. It had been a while since we last saw one from this unit on the ramp so it was a joy to see one again.  A sight we never get tired of.  When the pilot departed he kept it low all the way down the runway before pulling up and making a left turn to the south-east.

VFC-13 F-5n 761528

Aircraft: F-5N (ex-Swiss aircraft)

BuNo: 761528

Squadron / Unit: VFC-13 Saints

VFC-13 Role: They provide adversary support to airwings who are at NAS Fallon for training

Home Station: NAS Fallon, NV

Callsign: Bogey

Article by Bill Havel

Photographs by Bill Havel