VMAQ-3 Moon Dogs in TX

EF 1-25-2015 VMAQ-3 (21)

Ellington Field: 1-25-2015

What an exceptional day this was for spotting. It was a cloudless sky, with bright sun and mild morning (mid 50s to 60) temps; perfect for photography. Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite subjects (EA-6B Prowlers), I was also going to shoot a unit I had never seen before, VMAQ-3 Moon Dogs, who are based out of MCAS Cherry Point, NC. However, it wasn’t seeing the aircraft itself that made this particular day exceptional, it was the opportunity to meet, interact and converse with the crew who flew it. What a great group of guys! As an aircraft spotter I sometimes forget about the human element and cherish the few opportunities I get to meet the men and women who fly and maintain these incredible war machines. Whenever I do, I consider it an honor and privilege. This time was no exception. Thank you gentlemen for a day I will not soon forget, and the patch you so graciously gave me. Most importantly, thank you for defending our freedom.

I would like to say a very special thank you to fellow spotter and friend, Justin, for making all this possible. You, too, made my day!


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