VMFA-312 Checkerboards in KNFW 6-12-2016








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VMFA-312 Checkerboard based out of MCAS Beaufort. This Marine Attack/Fighter Squadron flies the F-18C and F-18A++ Legacy Hornet. Checkerboard was shore base in MCAS Iwakuni Japan early this year and recently been reassign to CVW-17 with the NA tail code. We also spot them with USS Roosevelt on their aircraft.

3 of these Hornets came by NAS Ft worth JRB on Sunday 6-12-2016 having callsign “CHECK”.   They were on their way back from Captain Jeff Kuss ( Blue Angels) funeral in Colorado and stop by JRB for gas and go. 3 jets were spotted including 200 ( CAG color bird ), 301 ( semi Colored XO bird) and 305 . All 3 jets made straight in for runway 18.  Here are their corresponding numbers:

Aircraft 200-164871 Color bird with IFF bird slicer

Aircraft 301-164877 semi colored

Aircraft 305-164900 Line jet

We did not have the best weather on Sunday! it was cloudy and we got rain on for like 20 minutes followed by sunshine. Texas weather what can I say.

Article by Dave Chng