VMFA-314 Black Knights in KAFW

I broke my 2014 Spell on SAt and get to witness 3 VMFA-314 F-18 from MCAS Miramar in KAFW.  Was actually spotting in KNFW or JRB with my wife and got nothing over there….. in KAFW the military aircraft presence was much better…. at least 4 Laughlin AFB Texan 2 was on the tarmac, one Navy T6 and T45C….. the bonus…… 3 F-18 from VMFA-314…. as I was walking towards the fence line, the pilot was on his way out to the aircraft…… Get to catch all the start up sequence and take offs ………….. well! the downside was when all the startup was happening…. a civilian Bombardier B100 swing in and park right in front of me blocking all the good views….. OH! Why???? Why must this happen…. thanks to my ladder and I manage to move and reposition for the taxi shots…. lighting was horrible….. as we can tell since the shots were taken about pass 2pm on the east side of the runway! sun right in front of us…. behind those lovely aircraft…. and we got a southerly wind meaning runway 16L which does not help at all….. I guess we get what we can for the 1st shot in 2014 for me.

F-18 taxi by .. did a beautiful take off and did a westerly departure…. now I wish I am at the warehouse shooting those banking shots…. well we can wish.

1 of the F18 did not leave… must have got into some problems.. waited for their return with perfect sun and everything but they did not come back …. left KAFW at 1656hrs.

Overall a great spotting day for 2014.


kafw 1-14-2014

6 thoughts on “VMFA-314 Black Knights in KAFW”

  1. Great stuff Dave! I have not caught any military action yet. I was waiting until after the holidays. It has been quiet at KIWA. Between upcoming exercises (Red Flag, WTI) and airshows, it’s going to get interesting out West.

  2. Cool……I see you got to capture the Hornet with the gear retracting. I know that is one of your favorite things to shoot. Backlighting aside, your images look fantastic. And yeah, I’m jealous that you got to see some military action.

    Also, nice catch on the NAS Corpus Christi T-6. That airframe looks like it only has a few hours on it. I guess they finally traded in their T-34Cs.