Drove down to the base today on my lunch break even though the weather was a horrible 40 degrees with a 20-25 mile north wind. Was parked up on the north end when i glanced across the runways and saw this guy taxing  out. Shocked me, a white F18, thats awesome!! Turns out hes from VMFAT-101 out of El Toro, CA, “The sharpshooters”. I threw that car of mine into gear and got down to the north end in a hurry, just in time to step out and see him coming at me. He broke midfield and did a beautiful break right in front of me! Awesome! The guy in the back has his hands up on the sides and looks like hes enjoying the ride. Lol


IMG_6829 IMG_6837 IMG_6848 IMG_6853 IMG_6864

6 thoughts on “VMFAT-101”

    1. Thanks bud. Is this the Badge of Honor bird? And in the back seat, look at the guy, is he a blue angel? Looks like the same jumpsuit and yellow helmet they wear.