VMFT-401 Snipers

VMFT-401 ” Snipers” is the Marine Corps only “Adversary or Aggressor ” Squadron in service.  Currently located at MCAS Yuma AZ. This small unit flies the Northrop F-5n Tiger II with aircraft painted in the Eastern Bloc type adversarial Camouflage pattern.  Most of these F-5n were ex-Swiss Air Force aircraft and the reason for choosing the jets is that she has the characteristics close to the MIG-21 fighter that our “potential” enemy is flying. “Snipers” mission it to provide instruction to Active and Reserve Fleet Marine Forces and Fleet squadrons through dissimilar adversary combat tactics.

This Saturday morning (2-4-2018), 8x F-5n from VMFT-401 came through Ft Worth Alliance Airport ( KAFW ) when they were on their way back to MCAS Yuma flying via El Paso, TX. We caught 7x F-5N from VMFT-401 and 1x F-5N from VFC-13 “Saints” . Also on the tarmac we spot a single T-38C from Laughlin AFB , a T-6 “Texan II from Sheppard AFB and a lone F/A-18F from VFA-41 “Black Ace” base at NAS Leemore, CA.

The beauty of the Aggressors F-5n comes from their diverse on their camouflage patterns. These camouflage schemes usually depicts certain adversary aircraft types from the cold war era Eastern bloc fighters to Middle eastern camouflage patterns. Some also depicts newer Russian jets like the SU-27 and SU-30 jets currently being use. . Please note these pictorial illustration and credit of these pictures are indicated on the pictorial respectively.

Lizard Camo Pattern by Thierry Le Masson ( 101AIRBASE.COM)

Blue Grey Camo pattern by Thierry Le Masson ( FOX-TWO.COM)

White Grey Camo Pattern by Thierry Le Masson ( FOX-TWO.COM)

Brown sand Camo Pattern by Thierry Le Masson ( FOX-TWO.COM)


8x of the F-5n was schedule to launch right at about 1000hrs and the pilots show up like a clockwork. Here are the air-crafts that was photographed.

Aircraft by Serial Number caught in this event

Aircraft Type Unit Bord and S/N Color scheme
F-5N VMFT-401 01-761583 Blue
F-5N VMFT-401 04-761546 lizard
F-5N VMFT-401 11-761526 lizard
F-5N VMFT-401 07-761572 Yellow Splinter
F-5N VMFT-401 10-761589 White Grey
F-5N VMFT-401 09-761579 White Grey
F-5N VMFT-401 03-761541 brown desert
F-5N VFC-13 00-761549 White Grey
F-18F VFA-41 104-166847 TPS Scheme
T38C 87th FTS 66-385

Hotramp Actions

VMFT-401 Launching actions

Static Aircraft on the hotramp

We caught some T38, T6 and FA/-18F on the hotramp

Article and Photograph by Dave Chng