Waco Airshow 2018

2018 Heart of Texas Airshow in Waco, TX

This year will go down in history to be the most gloomy Airshow I have been since for both days we have cloud ceiling not more than 800 ft. Its Spring time in Texas and we are getting wind chill as low as in the 35 degree F on both days.  Blue Angels had to cancel on Saturday after flying for a few minutes.  on Sunday we fare better when the Blues actually did half the show until the ceiling gets so bad that they have to cancel the show again.  As for the A-10C Demonstration, the A10 did fly but did not do the full demo or the Heritage flight.

We get to cover both on practice days and Actual Airshow days for this event.

Military Aircraft for Waco Airshow

Unit Numbers Aircraft type Special Markings
VX-30 Bloodhounds 302-150934 P-3C
136th Airlift Wing “Roper” 31456 C-130H
VAW-120 164111 E-2C
434ARW 00322 KC-135
357th FS 78-684 A-10C yellow tail
357th FS 79-202 A-10C 355thOG white tail
VAQ-129 576-169140 E/A-18G
VAQ-129 565-169147 E/A-18G
VMM-163 00-8657 MV-22 COLORBIRD
TW-2 165071 T45C
USASOC 0-24012 UH-60L

Practice Day and Arrivals.

As you can tell from the shots, the weather is much better on the Friday when we get spotty sun coverage. Able to catch the arrivals was also a big plus since we get to see the VX-30 P-3C and other Navy jets in the hot ramp. The A-10C and Blue Angels did a full demonstration in moderately good light.

Aerial Demonstration


A-10C tac demo take off

Hotramp and Static Display



Photographs from Bill Havel and Dave Chng

Article by Dave Chng