Wings Over Houston 2013

Like all the other shows this year Wings Over Houston was affected by the sequestration with no current military participation (huge bummer).  For that reason I didn’t attend the show but did go over Friday to catch the arrivals and practices. That said, they brought in an impressive amount of war birds to perform.  Among others, there were all the Tora Tora Tora birds, 2 B-17s, 2 B-25s, at least 3 Mustangs, a Corsair, Bearcat, Helldiver, 3 P-40s, 3 O-2s, B-29 FiFi, various L-5s, some transports and other airframes to include a couple of Yaks and Randy Ball’s MiG-17F.  The weather was great as was the company.  As usual I had fun hanging out with the usual suspects, Jackie, Jim, Justin, Nathan, Nate, Gerald and Will.  I look forward to the next time we spot together. For those who attended the show, I hope you had a great time.  My fingers are crossed that next years show will be back to having its usual strong military presence.



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  1. Looks liek yall got a little more then we did up here. Some nice shots buds. Especially the twin engine(i dont know what it is) with the smoke! Next year should be awesome as the blue angels have announced their schedule.

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