Wings Over Houston 2014 Part 1 ( WW2 Warbirds and Static Display)

Wings Over Houston 2014 came in strong with Warbirds of all era. First time we get the Vietnam war Memorial Airshow with quite a show of force from crews of the Commemorative Air Force , Vietnam War Flight Museum, the Collings Foundation, Cavanaugh Flight Museum, military ground troop re-enactors from the 6th Cavalry, with the National U.S. Forces Museum. Aircraft involves included F-4D Phantom ( Cancel due to reEngine), MIG21UM, 3x O2, 1 AH-1, 2x UH-1, A-1 Skyraider, TA-4F Skyhawk, F-100D/F Supersaber. They also include ground vehicle which included Ford MUTT M151, 2x M-113 APC and 2 guntrucks , all of them of Vietnam war era configurations.

This year we got very sparse on military participation due to military budgets sequestration . Blue Angels came for the show , Coast Guard Dauphin demo and Marines V22 Demo. Static display consists of a single B-52H, C-130 ( Hurricane Hunter) and F-16C Blk 42 from Oklahoma Air Guard. NASA showed up with a T-38A Talon, WB-57 and Super Guppy on Statics.

Warbirds galore I would say when we talk about WW2 typed aircrafts. We have a long list from Lonestar Flight Museum , Texas Flying Legends Museum, Vietnam War Flight Museum, Lewis Collection, Collings Foundation and Cavanaugh Flight Museum., Namely we got 2x F-4U Corsair, 3x P-51 , SB-2C Helldiver, A6m2 Zero, PV-2 Harpoon, C47, B17, B25, A26, 3x P-40, 4 T-6, and 2x MIG17 , L39, T33 and a ME-262 2 seater. Overall it’s a fantastic show.

Static Display for the show.

World War 2 warbirds Airdisplay


( Pictures from Dave Chng and Bill Havel )

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