Wings Over Houston 2018

Blue Angels #5 sneak “vapor” pass

2018 marked a very wet Fall season with lots of rain. This have greatly affected 2 of our largest Airshow here in Texas namely Ft Worth Alliance and Wings over Houston which is held annually in October. The ceiling was so low that Wing Over Houston have to cancel a lot of their flights on Saturday including a lot of static display did not make it to the show. We still have a great turnout on Sunday which include unannounced flight of Collin Foundation’s F-100, F-4D, and 2x L39.

United States Navy Blue Angels

The Blues did a low performance on Saturday which the ceiling was marginal for the show. It was grey and have lots of vapor in their pass.

Sunday fare a lot better with beautiful sunshine and the Airshow crowd came in with force.

USAF Viper Demo ( F-16C )

USAF Air Combat Command F-16C tactical demonstration team did a spectacular demonstration of the nimble Lockheed Martin F-16C Blk 50 base out of Shaw AFB. The F-16C also perform with a P-51D doing the USAF Heritage flight.

US Coastguard Dauphin Rescue Helicopter demonstration

Wings Over Houston is very well known for the abundance of WW2 and Vietnam era warbirds. So I will be presenting you the unique Warbirds in spectacular Texas Style.

Unexpected Display came from this Draken A-4L Skyhawk which does the role of private contracted Adversary for the USAF . He came into the Show on Saturday and did a few passes before coming in to land. On Sunday afternoon, he departed with an exceptional climb into the blue sky.

The Golden Hours of Houston and Aviation

Sunday morning catching this special flight from Collins Foundation which owns the only flying F-4D Phantom II in North America. Also the same flight includes the F-100 Super Saber and 2x L-39 Albatross. We were fortunate to witness the entire hotramp actions , followed by a departure launch and recovery.

Static Display makes up for an important part of all Airshows. For 2018, a lot of the Military static display did not show up due to weather. The star of static Display comes from Vader One VAQ-209 Starwarrior CAG bird spotting Darth Vader on the tail of the E/A-18G Growler and also the AC-130W coming from Canon AFB.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Dave Chng, Liu Chia Ming and Eric Grossman