Wings Over Houston 2020

Airshow Opening

2020 have been a very unique year due to the natural disaster we see in the world. We have lots of wild Fires, numerous Hurricanes, Typhoons and than in March we got COvid 19 pandemic. This pandemic pretty much seal all Airshows until we have this drive in concept whereby Airshow goers come into the show in their cars and that kept the social distances and keep everyone safer on this tried times. Here are some of the unique look of an airshow starting this Fall in Wings over Houston.

1st Drive in Airshow in Texas

This year United States Air Force USAF came in with 5 demostration team for Houston namely, F-22A Raptor, F-35A Lightning II, F-16C Vipers , A-10C Thunderbolt II and C-17A Globemaster Demostration Team. This makes the all the USAF assets and we kind of miss seeing any US Navy participation.

  1. F-22A Raptor Demostration Team have been plagque with Aircraft issues this airshow , the F22A had to cancel her demostration on Saturday and they had to use the spare aircraft on Sunday.

2. F-35A Lightning II Demostration Team. This is the 1st year for Captain Kristen” Beo” Wolfe of 388th FW to be on the hands of our latest 5th Generation Fighter.

3. F-16C Viper Demostration Team. F-16C represent the backbone of USAF’s lightweight all purpose fighter that can do multi mission including Air to Air and Air to ground missions. This year the Demostration team have a specially painted Venom scheme but unfortately the F16 could not perform on Saturday and only flew on Sunday due to some technical issues.

4. A-10C Thunderbolt II Demostration Team

This Specialized Close Air Support Aircraft design in the 1970s to confront Warsaw Pact Armour threats packs a very big punch with the biggest canon ever to be mounted on a fighter…… the GAU-8 30mm gatling gun. This demostration shows the agility of this aircraft and many of her capabilities.

5. C-17A Globemaster Demostration Team The Unsung heroof the USAF …. our Mobility Command transport AIrcraft the C17 doing all the logistics and back end work for all combat operations. The C17 Demo team is base out of McChord AFB.

These are the various military aircrafts that was caugth during Actual airshow and practice day. Since Ellington Field is part of an active base housing Alert Jets from Oklahoma ANG F-16C squadron, we did catch some alert jets coming back from Actual missions with live Ammunition. Also some Local ANG AH-64D longbow, US Coastguard Helicopter and trainers.

6. USAF Heritage Flight We seldom get to see so many demo team participating on the Heritage flight. Due to the technical issues on the F22, we have everything on the USAF assets minus the Raptor. A sight to behold!!

Special Thanks to Bill Havel for supporting the practice day and hospitality in Houston area.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Bill Havel and Dave Chng