Wings Over Houston 2023

Fall calls for the Airshow season to end the fiscal year.

Wings Over Houston is a spectacular airshow that captures the imagination and hearts of aviation enthusiasts from around the world. Held annually in Houston, Texas, this thrilling event brings together a mesmerizing display of aircraft, aerobatic performances, and aviation history. With a rich history of its own, Wings Over Houston has become a beloved tradition that showcases the majesty of flight while honoring the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces. 2023 is no exceptions and we have the following lineup

USAF Air Combat Command F-35A Lightning II fighter Demostration

USAF Thunderbirds Jet demostrationg Team

US Coast Guard SAR Demostration

Smoke and Thunder Jet truck Demostration

CAF Warbirds

Tora Tora Tora

USAF Heritage demostration with P-51D Mustang and F-35A Lightning II

For the 2023 Lineup we have the following Aircrafts on Static Display

F-16C Blk 42 138th FW Tulsa ANG

P-8A Poiseidon from VP-45 Pelicans base out of NAS Jacksonville

WC-130J Hurricane Hunter 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron located at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss.

C-17A globemaster from Joint Base McChord

T-6 Texan II trainer


CH-47 Chinook transport Helicopter

AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter




Warbirds from CAF and other outfits




A Celebration of Aviation

Wings Over Houston is not just an airshow; it is a celebration of aviation in all its glory. The event typically features an impressive lineup of both modern and vintage aircraft, offering attendees an up-close look at some of the world’s most iconic flying machines. From high-performance fighter jets to graceful vintage planes, there’s something for everyone to admire.This airshow isn’t just a gathering for aviation enthusiasts; it’s a community event that brings people together. It offers a chance for families, friends, and fellow aviation aficionados to share in the excitement of the day. The event often partners with local charities and organizations, promoting a sense of community and giving back to those in need.

USAF Thunderbirds

USAF Thunderbirds 4 ship delta move
Thunderbirds Landing and hot ramp actions

F-35A Air Combat Command Demostration Team

The F-35 Demo is from the 388th Fighter Wing, Hill AFB, Utah. The Demo pilot is Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe. She was an experienced F-22 Raptor pilot prior to transitioning to the F-35 Lightning II aircraft. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a major in chemical engineering.

The F-35A Lightning II. The F-35A is a single-seat, single-engine, fifth-generation stealth multirole fighter aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin. It is the conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant of the F-35 family, designed to excel in air-to-air combat, ground attack, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

The ACC F-35A Demonstration Team is more than just a spectacular airshow act; it represents the pinnacle of the United States Air Force’s capabilities. Comprised of highly skilled pilots and dedicated ground crews, the team is entrusted with demonstrating the F-35A’s capabilities in airshows, public events, and military exercises. Their mission goes beyond impressing crowds; it is about showcasing the military’s unmatched capabilities, precision, and professionalism.

What sets the ACC F-35A Demonstration Team apart is its ability to perform incredible aerobatics, demonstrating the F-35A’s agility, speed, and firepower. The team’s displays feature breathtaking maneuvers, including high-G turns, vertical takeoffs and landings, and rapid rolls. These displays not only entertain but also serve as a reminder of the United States’ commitment to maintaining air superiority.

The team’s performances serve a dual purpose, not only as a demonstration of power but also as an educational tool. By showcasing the F-35A’s capabilities, they inspire young men and women to pursue careers in aviation and the military. The team members also engage with the public, answering questions and explaining the aircraft’s technology and the roles it plays in national defense.

The Air Combat Command F-35A Demonstration Team is an awe-inspiring spectacle that showcases the United States Air Force’s commitment to excellence and the cutting-edge capabilities of the F-35A Lightning II. Through breathtaking aerobatics, educational outreach, and a focus on global partnerships, the team’s performances have far-reaching implications beyond the airshow circuit. They serve as a reminder of the United States’ dedication to maintaining air superiority, inspiring future generations, and promoting international security cooperation. In a world where the skies are becoming increasingly contested, the ACC F-35A Demonstration Team is a symbol of American resolve and the capabilities that will continue to dominate the skies for years to come.

Raw power and display of the mighty F-35A

Warbirds Actions!

Here we have the hot ramp in the early saturday morning shots.

Warbird FLying Actions!

Article by Dave Chng