Winter Solstice 2018

“Winter is Coming” and in no time Winter Solstice came and went and we got some beautiful clear sky and sun and since we are in Texas, we got 38 mph gust of wind.

We decided to checkout Ft worth Alliance Airport in hope of catching some transient traffic especially Navy Superhornets which frequent this airport. NO luck this time but we catch a “non marked” P-8 Poseidon coming in for some gas and go. The P8 line herself up for runway 34R and did a touch and go.

2x T-38C from Sheppard AFB did a tandem launch from runway 34R. One interesting thing is one of the T38 was partially painted which makes this a unique opportunity shot.

We had very beautiful golden hour sunlight but what was lacking were Fighter jets. Perhaps next time is all we always hope for . Here we caught the winter moon , in golden hour …. plus a Jet.

Article by Dave Chng