ZhuHai 2014 Airshow ( China)

ZhuHai Airshow 2014 is the largest Aerospace tradeshow/airshow in China. Once a year Chinese Aviation and Military show off their new toys just like West have the Fanrborough and Paris airshow. This year is like no other where we get 1st US participation namely the USAF C-17 from Hawaii was on static display. The Chinese also debut their J31 fighter on single ship demo to coincide with President Obama’s visit to Beijing. The Russian Contingent was strong with a single ship demo of the SU-35, SU-27 aerobatics  and static display of IL-76. The Chinese have a large presence of current military transports like the Y-9 , Y8 transport , KJ-200 AEW and KJ-2000 IL-76 type AWACS. ( Y denoting Transport Aircraft, J – fighter, H – bomber and K for Electronic warfare and surveillance.  Also on statics are a lot of current and future Surface to air missile and drones.

Fighter Displays

Russian SU35 display and walk-around

Chinese J31

Transport Y8 and Y9 Walkarounds

Bombers….. H6M (Xian)

Flying Leopard JH-7A Fighter Bombers

KJ200, KJ2000 AEW and Y20 transport

Chinese J10 Demonstration Team and Pakistan FC-1(枭龙)

Surface to Air Missile and Armor Vehicles